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Dim your screen

I didn't really think you could find something better than the Apple brightness tool, yet ScreenShade is significantly more powerful. With this application, you can easily darken your screen completely or make it really bright.The program is...
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  • by Anonymous

    Brightness does the same job. This is handy and easy to use application. Even novice user will not encounter any difficulties while using it. You can adjust the screen brightness with the help of little slider. I often sit in front of my mac overnight chatting with my friends overseas. Screen Shade is a good solution when you frequently use your mac in low-lighting situation. However this app is nMore

  • by Anonymous

    A Handy Utility. It's a mystery why Apple insists on us having eye-searingly bright displays by default, in these days of being supposedly eco-friendly. Our iMacs default to full brightness at all times, and the built-in screen dimming is nowhere near sufficient to avoid sore eyes in a domestic environment. ScreenShade, whilst not saving any energy - it doesn't actually reduce backlight brightMore