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Dim your screen

I didn't really think you could find something better than the Apple brightness tool, yet ScreenShade is significantly more powerful.

With this application, you can easily darken your screen completely or make it really bright.

The program is accessible from the menu bar and pressing 'toggle ScreenShade' adjusts brightness according to the level of light in the room.

Press 'Redetect external monitors' to reset it and get a new brightness level. I wasn't all convinced by the level of light that ScreenShade chose though as most of the time it simply was too dim to work properly.

Best is probably to open preferences and set brightness yourself, via the little slider. You'll see you can also select what areas to shade.

ScreenShade also works very well with two simple shortcuts: Option with plus or minus to adjust it yourself.

More powerful than the brightness controls in your Mac, ScreenShade is good to have around if you work in poor lighting conditions.

ScreenShade is a tool for further dimming a screen (or screens) past the capabilities of the OS X brightness display settings. This utility is especially useful for people who find themselves using their computer in a low-lighting situation.

Even on its lowest native brightness setting, my MacBook Pro's screen is still extremely bright when used in a dark room - ScreenShade to the rescue!


  • Powerful dimming


  • Brightness in Mac works fine

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ScreenShade 1.3 for Mac

User reviews about ScreenShade

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Brightness does the same job.
    This is handy and easy to use application. Even novice user will not encounter any difficulties whiMore

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    A Handy Utility.
    It's a mystery why Apple insists on us having eye-searingly bright displays by default, in these days of being sMore

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