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"A Handy Utility"

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It's a mystery why Apple insists on us having eye-searingly bright displays by default, in these days of being supposedly eco-friendly. Our iMacs default to full brightness at all times, and the built-in screen dimming is nowhere near sufficient to avoid sore eyes in a domestic environment.

ScreenShade, whilst not saving any energy - it doesn't actually reduce backlight brightness; rather it reduces the display drive signal - is a real eye-saver. We no longer have to use eye drops, to alleviate the soreness which is brought on by less than an hour's use of our Macs.

On the other hand, our MacBooks can be dimmed to zero with the Apple controls, and so we don't need to use ScreenShade on those boxes.

Only one small bug; ScreenShade refuses to start at login, despite setting both Preferences and the 'Open at Login' option on the Dock. Having said that, it's a fairly trivial matter to start the application manually, and the simple keyboard shortcuts allow for easy adjustment of display brightness.

For the record, our iMacs are always run with the Apple controls set at minimum brightness, and ScreenShade is then used to further dim the displays down to the required levels.

Thanks for providing the software.

  • Handy utility which makes up for the Apple brightness controls deficiencies.
  • Saves eye strain.
  • Simple keyboard shortcuts.
  • Refuses to start at login.
  • Not needed on MacBook or MacBook Pro.
  • No quick facility to check for updates.

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24 Dec 2009

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